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Historical insights on the politics of dress in the Middle East, including the keffiyeh

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Conversation with the host, PJ Wehry, about prison uniforms and work uniforms

logo for Chasing Leviathan

Comments on resistance to masking during the COVID-19 pandemic

screenshot from TV3 segment

Comments about the history of fashion collections and the exclusion of non-Western and minority fashions

detail of a beaded dress worn by Ella Fitzgerald, now part of the Sage Collection at Indiana University

Washington Post (2023)

Insights into the Trump "mugshot" t-shirt and variations on other websites

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 10-19-17 Official Trump Mugshot White Cotton T-Shirt.png

Three-part discussion about the embodied practice of prayer in Islam

logo for Immigrantly

Exploration of the history, meaning, and aesthetics of 'senior cords'

senior cords in the Sage Collection at Indiana University

Q+A with journalist Yasmeen Serhan about the history and uses of the burqini

screenshot of article in the Atlantic
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